Testimonials from some of my past pupils

James HenryJames Henry
Passed 1st Time!!
I had a great experience with Phil as my driving instructor. From the very first lesson he made me feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel. He was always patient and encouraging and gave clear and constructive feedback on areas I could improve, as well as only move at the pace I was comfortable with. thanks again, James :)

Jack HaslamJack Haslam
Passed with 0 Driving faults
Phil was a great instructor using clear and concise methods to make learning to drive easier. He instructs in a calm, encouraging manor that makes you feel comfortable behind  the wheel. Phil helped me to get over my anxiety making me a more confident driver.

Stephen Boaden
Highly Recommended
I found Phil great to work with. He is a good teacher that really helped me progress after not getting far with a previous instructor. Made me feel comfortable and gave good instruction without overdoing it. Patient, thorough and gave me some good tips that helped me in my test. Very satisfied with my learning experience with him. Highly recommended.

Terry JamesTerry James
Outstanding Instructor
Phil proves to be an outstanding instructor and character from my personal experience, a calm collected individual with a high work ethic and excellent time management making use of every minute of the lesson. I understood everything Phil was telling me and if there was any areas where I was a bit confused we’d take the time to go through it until I was clear. Having just passed my test with Phil’s help I feel very confident in getting on the roads. 10/10 would recommend.